Google Adsense: To Blend or Not To Blend?

For those who don't know, Google Adsense is an advertising medium presented by the number one search engine Google. The basic concept of adsense is that you use coding provided by Google to place on your website, blog, or what have you. When your account is approved for adsense ads then the most relevant ads will show on your webpage. When a visitor or hopefully visitors click the ad, then voila! You have a nice amount of supplemental income. The use of Adsense is often in great debate in most popular SEO forums. The majority of the topics are on how to place the ads on your site to get the most out of a page hit. Some SEO's (Search Engine Optimizers} say that the ads should be towards the top of your page to get a higher CTR (click-thru-rate). Of course other SEO's say the bottom is best for the ads.

My opnion is that top or bottom it really doesn't make a difference. You should always place a ad in a spot on the page where it can be seen without making the visitor feel like the ads are interfereing with them reading your page information. Remember, they are at your site to get infromation on a service or product. Also the, placement of the advertisements should be in a spot where it must be read, or glanced at without making the visitor feel overwhelmed. Remember, that we all still have that ole phobia of visiting banner only sites.

One of the next topics discussed are the facts of blending the adsense ad to the rest of your site or not to blend it in with your site. Some SEO's say that you should blend to not disturb the visitor and also it seems more like a part of your site and will make them believe they should click for even more information. This is not always true when the ads are placed on a site that doesn't offer information in the first place. Then on the other hand if you make a ad that sticks out they feel it will draw attention and get more clicks. Other SEO professionals feel that this will only irritate the visitor and may cause them to leave the site.

The major thing that you must learn is to use your blending and placement together in a manner where you can say yes to the following questions:

- Did I place the Adsense ads where they can be seen?
- Did I place them where they aren't obstructing what my visitors are orginally there for?
- Did I blend the text color of the ad to make it look like its part of my page?
- Did I match the background and border color in a way that would raise the ad off the page, giving it a slight 3-D affect?
- Did I place the google adsense ad in a place that is in the line of the visitors reading path? - After looking at my page, was the placement and blend atleast where I would read the adsense and possibly click?

If you can answer yes to yourself and be very truthful then your adsense ad is in a good spot for now. Don't forget that you should experiment when you get your traffic up. Find out what works better for you and your pockets. If you would like a good idea of how this should be done just pay a visit to my site.

Have fun out there!

Written by Carlos Penn

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